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Polyamid 6, (Ultramid B24 N 03, PA6, Nylon 6, Polycaprolactam)

CAS: 25038-54-4
Quality – below (acc. ISO 307):
Qty: 900 kgs
Package: big bag
Price: agreement

Special offer

Formic acid, p.a.

Formic acid, p.a.

CAS: 64-18-6
Quality: min. 98%, p.a.
Qty: 1708 kgs
Package: 7x 244 kgs (drums)
Price: agreement

Fibertex, non woven textile, white

Quality: attachment below
150 gsm
Roll width: 250 mm a 500 mm
Winding: 100 lm
Total qty: ca 0 000 m2
Use: air filter for general ventilation, liquid filtration, automotive – isolation, interier noise reduction
Price: agreement

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